The One Day Workshop - St. Louis

Downtown STL, Missouri • August 14, 2017


The practical one-day "workshop" for fearless creatives
who crave breaking boundries. 


Meet your fellow Creatives


Kyle Wilson (Hinterland Stills)

I'm Kyle and I am a midwest transplant to Seattle, WA. I photograph weddings, elopements and portraits worldwide and spend every other minute home with the pup. I always try and find the absolute best pizza in any city I go to, and can easily be won over by a salted caramel ice cream.

The images I'm a part of creating are a reflection of the intersect I find between genuine moments and a heavy love. I fully believe love is a spectrum between victories and defeats, lighthearted as well as poised. I choose to find myself with couples and other humans who weigh towards the heaver side of their emotions.


Jacob Loafman

I am a photographer from Saint Louis, Missouri, USA. While my main business is focused on weddings, my inspiration lives in my personal work. I am all about seeing things differently which leads to trying new things and taking risks. Some of my best work was born from taking risks or making mistakes, so I plan to continue on that road. My main goal is to create interesting photographs using my imagination. I believe I view things with a more cinematic eye, where I create scenes or new worlds within the one we all live. I combine that vision with emotion and it leads to interesting photographs. I feel like I am an interesting person, so the work I create is really myself.


And YOU!


What Will you Learn?

Branding & Vision

Your brand is the soul of your business—it's what makes you stand out and what makes people fall in love with you. Strong brands stand for something—they evoke emotion and draw you in. How do you get your brand to "feel right" to your ideal client? How do you create a magnetizing presence? We'll show you.


Consistent and persistent is the best. A systemized approach allows us to keep up with all of our clients in a way that doesn’t distract from day to day life and work. How to do you back up your files with one click? How do you create an automated system that makes each client feel uniquely cared for? We'll cover all that.


Connecting with Clients

How do you break down the client/vendor barrier when photographing couples? How to you truly connect with them on THEIR emotional level? We want to create images that don't just look incredible—but FEEL incredible. We'll show how we direct & connect with couples during our live shoot! 

You Choose! 

We believe the most effective education comes from organic dialogue and diving into what you really want to learn. Instead of "lecture style" teaching, we want to hear your questions, dreams, visions, and desires—and we will tailor our content to what will be most useful to you. Want to learn how to shoot in super harsh light... or how to create your own presets? Need advice about SEO, marketing, advertising, or social media? Let us know when you sign up and we'll tailor our chat to the topics mentioned. 


All the Deets

When & Where?

August 14, 2017 (It's a Monday)

Downtown STL



Costs & What's Included?

Your investment for this All-Day Workshop is $750. This rad price includes lunch, all of our knowledge nuggets, and an afternoon of shooting in Downtown STL.

Who will be there?

We are capping this experience at 15 photographers... so besides you, Kyle, & Jacob there will be 14 others. We will have 2 sets of couples to model for us—so there are only 7-8 photographing each. We want this to feel intimate & be really useful to each person.


The Schedule


We'll start of our day with intros and hugs and then split into 2 groups to chat. Then we'll switch! There will be lots of time for questions—we want to tailor the information presented to you!


Our lunch break will be delicious catered tacos & burritos—with dietary preferences considered. But mostly we just want to stuff our faces with queso and keep the conversation going. 


After lunch, we'll head out with our couples and do a mix of live shooting (watch Kyle & Jacob direct through our process) as well as hands on help in showing you how to get your own images the way you see them with our guidance as well.


Are you Ready?

Let's do this!


We are stoked to get to know you better and adventure with you!
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One Day Workshop - St. Louis

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