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A Seattle In Home Session | Laura + Tim

A Seattle in home session. Laura & Tim are a photographer duo (really amazing at that, definitely check them out) newly moved to Seattle, getting settled into their ridiculously charming home in West Seattle. They're honesty the type of people when you meet them for the first time, they're so charming it feels like you could have known them for years. This session was not a long thought out or planned thing, but more on a whim and a neat setting to meet someone new too, and I don't think it could have gone anymore delightful.

Portland In Home Session | Christie + KC

A Portland in home session. While Christie and her dude were on a PNW road trip they connected with us in Portland for what was planned to be a full day of shooting and adventuring for their anniversary. Some crazy timing and tire blowouts changed things around, fortunately everyone was safe and sound and we managed to still have some photos from the morning to show before they continued on their trip!