Ruby Beach Portraits | Grayce + Tanner

Ruby Beach Portraits. A few weeks back I Co-Hosted Over Yonder Washington on the coast along with Cody Harris, Stephen Ramsden, Twyla Jones, Grace Hurtienne, Michael Cardwell & Nicole Seligman of Junebug Weddings. Over Yonder is a hideaway for likeminded creatives seeking an intimate experience with other artists to awaken their connection to their work, their clients and their passions. We spent 4 days in a cabin with 19 other people from all over the globe sharing our insights, experiences, victories and defeats. But most importantly a piece of ourselves. Our final day on the coast had sudden downpours but it didn't stop anyone from running around, getting soaked and making moment and memories together.

A Seattle In Home Session | Laura + Tim

A Seattle in home session. Laura & Tim are a photographer duo (really amazing at that, definitely check them out) newly moved to Seattle, getting settled into their ridiculously charming home in West Seattle. They're honesty the type of people when you meet them for the first time, they're so charming it feels like you could have known them for years. This session was not a long thought out or planned thing, but more on a whim and a neat setting to meet someone new too, and I don't think it could have gone anymore delightful.

A Cliffs of Moher Engagement | Rhona + Cormac

A Cliffs of Moher Engagement. The fun fact about this session is that it actually happened the afternoon after Rhona + Cormac got married, and just before some amazing day after couple's formals too. We can't thank couple's like this enough for giving us the opportunity and time to run along the cliffs or the coasts with us for a couple of hours to get even more lovely magic than we did on their wedding day just the day before.

Portland In Home Session | Christie + KC

A Portland in home session. While Christie and her dude were on a PNW road trip they connected with us in Portland for what was planned to be a full day of shooting and adventuring for their anniversary. Some crazy timing and tire blowouts changed things around, fortunately everyone was safe and sound and we managed to still have some photos from the morning to show before they continued on their trip!

A Hurricane Ridge Engagement | Lexi + James

A Hurricane Ridge Engagement. Lexi & James are two people who just totally get us. Our first consult we chatted for hours (literally) about our favorite netflix shows and music. They're wedding still seems like a lifetime away next year, but we got an early start on hanging out with them up at Hurricane Ridge out on the Olympic Peninsula. Albeit far windier and colder than we expected, the quick hike and the ridiculous sunset at the end were worth every bit of it. 

A Vantage Washington Engagement | Marissa + Wessel

A Vantage Washington engagement. After a couple of weeks on the coast, getting out to the desert with Marissa & Wessel was a fantastic experience! The heat was a blistering 105 and the winds whipped through every moment of the evening. Getting out to a space really uninhabited by any distractions was such a neat change of pace, allowing them to just be them and their wonderful dynamic.

A Devil's Lake Engagement | Amanda + Jon

amanda + jon are such a rare breed. their personalities are so loud about the things they love and care about. if you met either of them for a moment, you'd remember it for the rest of your days. we got so lucky to jump on up to devil's lake with them and just watch them be.