A Barcelona Elopement | Kim + Zane

A Barcelona Elopement. Zane was one of those emails that when it came in I had the opportunity to call immediately rather than volley emails back and forth for 2 weeks. Aka...I sat in the starbucks parking lot a little longer that day on the phone in my car. We immediately had a really incredible  conversation that wasn't just about the day their planning, but about our cool jobs; because lo and behold Zane was a wedding photographer as well. If the odds weren't stacked in our favor already for hitting it off, the day after we signed everything I just happen to be driving through his town in Lincoln, NE on my road trip moving myself to Seattle. 

Becca (who came to shoot some video (linked below)) and I met up with Kim & Zane in this little cafe square in the gothic quarter after having the best eggs and toast. Basically, it was already a pretty wonderful start to the day. We wanted a chance to just roam around this historic area while making some photos along the way. If we had only known this would be our very rare sunny time together.

Fast-forwarding some since I'd rather show images than talk about them. I just wanna say how amazing Kim & Zane are for dealing with the weather as well as Zane and I's incessant photographer desires. Whether it was searching for a cab, or huddling under an awning at 5:30am headed up to the tip top of the city, they faced the rain head on and stuck it out for some of the most incredbile things I've gotten to see and I'm so thankful for this overwhelmign wonderful experience.


A San Fransisco Engagement | Whitney + Sid

A San Fransisco Engagement. A whole bunch of years ago Whitney and I became friends on facebook, admiring each other's work from a far, but never quite being able to cross paths in real life. After some bugging and maybe even stalking I managed to get on down to San Fran for a seriously delightful afternoon in the city and on the coast with two humans who are just the very best type of people.

Be sure to take a moment and check out Whitney's incredible work as well here.



A Diablo Lake Same Sex Elopement | Sean + Tom

A Diablo Lake Same Sex Elopement. Sean + Tom contacted me just a couple of weeks before they decided to come visit the PNW for the very first time, coming up from Los Angeles. They had really wonderful goals of seeing the gorgeous landscape and getting themselves married in it. We worked together quickly and decided to have their ceremony under a 200 year old tree, followed by a quick drive and portrait session around Diablo Lake in the Cascades National Park.



An Iceland Red Sand Beach Elopement | Sherry + Johnny

An Iceland Red Sand Beach Elopement. My time with these two started with me napping in the back of their rental car while we drove 5 hours north to the West Fjords. I had just flown on in a red eye from a wedding the day before with little to no sleep and since first impressions are important, me sleeping seemed like the best choice. 

We spent the afternoon on the Rauðasandur Beach (Red Sand Beach for those of us who can't speak Icelandic.) This was our first experience with "the birds" who were very clearly upset we had stepped into their territory and were eager to dive down inches from our heads and let us know. We made our way back to safety in our hotel, had some dinner, drinks and all gave whale meat a try. 0/10 would recommend. 

I can never really rave enough about Iceland and how incredible it is. Everywhere you go, everywhere you look it's an entirely different planet it seems. Getting to spend almost 2 full days with these two was so much fun. We drove around semi-aimlessly, laughed at way too many weird things and they took me to much fancier places than my normal potato chip/candy bar lifestyle would have expected. 



A Rainforest Elopement | Kym + Adam

A Rainforest Elopement. Kym & Adam chose to spend the weekend with their friends and family in Mora Campgrounds camping both before and after their elopement. Even with the constant rain and the perpetual feeling of being wet, they were such troopers and didn't complain even one time. They were just so wonderfully elated to be having their day with all of their supporters nearby.

Featured on Junebug Weddings 2017 Choice Awards "Best Elopement"

Ruby Beach Portraits | Grayce + Tanner

Ruby Beach Portraits. A few weeks back I Co-Hosted Over Yonder Washington on the coast along with Cody Harris, Stephen Ramsden, Twyla Jones, Grace Hurtienne, Michael Cardwell & Nicole Seligman of Junebug Weddings. Over Yonder is a hideaway for likeminded creatives seeking an intimate experience with other artists to awaken their connection to their work, their clients and their passions. We spent 4 days in a cabin with 19 other people from all over the globe sharing our insights, experiences, victories and defeats. But most importantly a piece of ourselves. Our final day on the coast had sudden downpours but it didn't stop anyone from running around, getting soaked and making moment and memories together.

A Seattle In Home Session | Laura + Tim

A Seattle in home session. Laura & Tim are a photographer duo (really amazing at that, definitely check them out) newly moved to Seattle, getting settled into their ridiculously charming home in West Seattle. They're honesty the type of people when you meet them for the first time, they're so charming it feels like you could have known them for years. This session was not a long thought out or planned thing, but more on a whim and a neat setting to meet someone new too, and I don't think it could have gone anymore delightful.

An Irish Elopement | Verena + Marco

An Irish Elopement. The internet is a crazy place sometimes. Verena & Marco found us on instagram, and one skype call later plans were set to meet in Ireland. We went down to the Sugar Loaf just south of Dublin where we met a lovely man and his dog, a small path of ponies who wanted nothing to do with us, and a gorgeous Irish countryside to set the mood for the afternoon.

An Irish Wedding | Rhona + Cormac

An Irish Wedding. Our paths crossing with Rhona & Cormac couldn't have been more slim, but man oh man are we thankful. This was our very first European wedding and Rhona & Cormac we're absolutely the perfect people to spend that time with. They seemed to be just as excited to have a couple of Americans with funny accents hanging out with them as we were excited to hang out with them and their equally funny accents. 

We got to spend two amazing days with their friends, families and the gorgeous coast of Western Ireland. Thanks so much for connecting with us and making it a freaking blast to jump abroad for your smashing day!

A Cliffs of Moher Engagement | Rhona + Cormac

A Cliffs of Moher Engagement. The fun fact about this session is that it actually happened the afternoon after Rhona + Cormac got married, and just before some amazing day after couple's formals too. We can't thank couple's like this enough for giving us the opportunity and time to run along the cliffs or the coasts with us for a couple of hours to get even more lovely magic than we did on their wedding day just the day before.

Portland In Home Session | Christie + KC

A Portland in home session. While Christie and her dude were on a PNW road trip they connected with us in Portland for what was planned to be a full day of shooting and adventuring for their anniversary. Some crazy timing and tire blowouts changed things around, fortunately everyone was safe and sound and we managed to still have some photos from the morning to show before they continued on their trip!

A Cape Kiwanda Elopement | Grayce + Tanner

A Cape Kiwanda Elopement | Grayce + Tanner

A Cape Kiwanda Elopement. If you've been to the Oregon coast, there's little doubt you haven't been to Cape Kiwanda a few times, running up the sand and rolling down the dunes, jumping the fence to see the former "PNW Rock," and hopefully seeing some pups run along the shore....

An Outdoor Midwest Wedding | Sara + Corey

An Outdoor Midwest Wedding. Our paths with Sara + Corey crossed such a serendipitous way. We saw his adorable proposal online and ended up connecting through mutual friends. From our first coffee meeting onward they've felt like friends so much more than clients. 

Sara + Corey have such a strong love for each other it's hard to put to words without using the words infectious. Everyone around them loves them, and wants to love like they do. Kind & thoughtful don't really begin to scratch the surface of how these two treat the people in the world around them. It's one of those special weddings where even we felt loved being there.

A Fiesta Backyard Wedding | Haley + Jose

A Fiesta Backyard Wedding. Haley + Jose met in college and took their day as an opportunity to celebrate not only themselves, but their circle of friends, family and traditions that run deep in their cultures. A simple midwest backyard turned into a celebration of color and love. Add in some elotes, a roasted pig and some of the best margaritas...it was a full on fiesta wedding.

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A Hurricane Ridge Engagement | Lexi + James

A Hurricane Ridge Engagement. Lexi & James are two people who just totally get us. Our first consult we chatted for hours (literally) about our favorite netflix shows and music. They're wedding still seems like a lifetime away next year, but we got an early start on hanging out with them up at Hurricane Ridge out on the Olympic Peninsula. Albeit far windier and colder than we expected, the quick hike and the ridiculous sunset at the end were worth every bit of it. 

A Mt. Rainier National Park Wedding | Lauren + Tyler

A Mt. Rainier National Park wedding. It seemed to rain the entire day, but Lauren & Tyler didn't have a care in the world. Tyler is this outwardly charismatic guy who has no qualms showing how stoked he his for his day and for his bride. Every person who was involved in their day truly poured a piece of themselves in, to the point we found it infectious and difficult to not feel connected to all of these people's lives ourself.

Featured on Junebug Weddings

Dress: Grace Loves Lace
Florist: Gina Bourgeois
Hair: Lily Heinemann
Makeup: Taylor Wilson

A Vantage Washington Engagement | Marissa + Wessel

A Vantage Washington engagement. After a couple of weeks on the coast, getting out to the desert with Marissa & Wessel was a fantastic experience! The heat was a blistering 105 and the winds whipped through every moment of the evening. Getting out to a space really uninhabited by any distractions was such a neat change of pace, allowing them to just be them and their wonderful dynamic.