A Bolinas Wedding | Sabrina + Tyler

A Bolinas Wedding. When Sabrina told me about her day, the highlights included a small wedding with 100 guests in a sleep beach town, her fiance was a photographer, their tagline for the day would be “best mothf***ing day ever", they’d be giving out mini joints at the end of the evening and most importantly, there’d be a dog. Their whole goal was a classy day then collided with their inherently weird selves. This meant skipping the worn out trend of kimono robes for bikini tee shirts & opting for shotgunning beers in the morning rather than relaxed glasses of whiskey. To cut to the chase, Sabrina & Tyler are badass New Yorkers who know exactly how cool they are and they didn’t hesitate to let that be their theme of their whole day.

Coordinator: Christina Lucero
Video: Shark Pig - Wade Koch
Venue: The Peace Barn
Hair/Makeup: Drea Costigan
Florist: Aubriana Kasper
DJ: Scott "DJ CAMS"
Catering: Michelle Bourne
Dress: Yolan Cris
Suit: Suit Supply


A New Mexico Wedding | Maverick + Steven

A New Mexico Wedding | Maverick + Steven

A New Mexico Wedding. With everyone rushing to the PNW (myself included) I think an untapped area of photo wonderland is New Mexico. From little towns in the middle of nowhere, venues that remind me of scenes from a Telenovelas and the desert just a hop and a skip away, NM can have me back anytime. We got so lucky and fall was spitting out golden oranges everywhere we looked around La Mesita Ranch, which contrasted the moments indoors with THAT DRESS that felt more like a renaissance painting than it did a moment from 2017.

An Irish Wedding | Rhona + Cormac

An Irish Wedding. Our paths crossing with Rhona & Cormac couldn't have been more slim, but man oh man are we thankful. This was our very first European wedding and Rhona & Cormac we're absolutely the perfect people to spend that time with. They seemed to be just as excited to have a couple of Americans with funny accents hanging out with them as we were excited to hang out with them and their equally funny accents. 

We got to spend two amazing days with their friends, families and the gorgeous coast of Western Ireland. Thanks so much for connecting with us and making it a freaking blast to jump abroad for your smashing day!

An Outdoor Midwest Wedding | Sara + Corey

An Outdoor Midwest Wedding. Our paths with Sara + Corey crossed such a serendipitous way. We saw his adorable proposal online and ended up connecting through mutual friends. From our first coffee meeting onward they've felt like friends so much more than clients. 

Sara + Corey have such a strong love for each other it's hard to put to words without using the words infectious. Everyone around them loves them, and wants to love like they do. Kind & thoughtful don't really begin to scratch the surface of how these two treat the people in the world around them. It's one of those special weddings where even we felt loved being there.

A Fiesta Backyard Wedding | Haley + Jose

A Fiesta Backyard Wedding. Haley + Jose met in college and took their day as an opportunity to celebrate not only themselves, but their circle of friends, family and traditions that run deep in their cultures. A simple midwest backyard turned into a celebration of color and love. Add in some elotes, a roasted pig and some of the best margaritas...it was a full on fiesta wedding.

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A Mt. Rainier National Park Wedding | Lauren + Tyler

A Mt. Rainier National Park wedding. It seemed to rain the entire day, but Lauren & Tyler didn't have a care in the world. Tyler is this outwardly charismatic guy who has no qualms showing how stoked he his for his day and for his bride. Every person who was involved in their day truly poured a piece of themselves in, to the point we found it infectious and difficult to not feel connected to all of these people's lives ourself.

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Dress: Grace Loves Lace
Florist: Gina Bourgeois
Hair: Lily Heinemann
Makeup: Taylor Wilson