An Iceland Red Sand Beach Elopement | Sherry + Johnny

An Iceland Red Sand Beach Elopement. My time with these two started with me napping in the back of their rental car while we drove 5 hours north to the West Fjords. I had just flown on in a red eye from a wedding the day before with little to no sleep and since first impressions are important, me sleeping seemed like the best choice. 

We spent the afternoon on the Rauðasandur Beach (Red Sand Beach for those of us who can't speak Icelandic.) This was our first experience with "the birds" who were very clearly upset we had stepped into their territory and were eager to dive down inches from our heads and let us know. We made our way back to safety in our hotel, had some dinner, drinks and all gave whale meat a try. 0/10 would recommend. 

I can never really rave enough about Iceland and how incredible it is. Everywhere you go, everywhere you look it's an entirely different planet it seems. Getting to spend almost 2 full days with these two was so much fun. We drove around semi-aimlessly, laughed at way too many weird things and they took me to much fancier places than my normal potato chip/candy bar lifestyle would have expected.