A Barcelona Elopement | Kim + Zane

A Barcelona Elopement. Zane was one of those emails that when it came in I had the opportunity to call immediately rather than volley emails back and forth for 2 weeks. Aka...I sat in the starbucks parking lot a little longer that day on the phone in my car. We immediately had a really incredible  conversation that wasn't just about the day their planning, but about our cool jobs; because lo and behold Zane was a wedding photographer as well. If the odds weren't stacked in our favor already for hitting it off, the day after we signed everything I just happen to be driving through his town in Lincoln, NE on my road trip moving myself to Seattle. 

Becca (who came to shoot some video (linked below)) and I met up with Kim & Zane in this little cafe square in the gothic quarter after having the best eggs and toast. Basically, it was already a pretty wonderful start to the day. We wanted a chance to just roam around this historic area while making some photos along the way. If we had only known this would be our very rare sunny time together.

Fast-forwarding some since I'd rather show images than talk about them. I just wanna say how amazing Kim & Zane are for dealing with the weather as well as Zane and I's incessant photographer desires. Whether it was searching for a cab, or huddling under an awning at 5:30am headed up to the tip top of the city, they faced the rain head on and stuck it out for some of the most incredbile things I've gotten to see and I'm so thankful for this overwhelmign wonderful experience.