A Cape Kiwanda Elopement | Grayce + Tanner

A Cape Kiwanda Elopement. If you've been to the Oregon coast, there's little doubt you haven't been to Cape Kiwanda a few times, running up the sand and rolling down the dunes, jumping the fence to see the former "PNW Rock," and hopefully seeing some pups run along the shore. 

Grayce + Tanner together create this chemistry of ebb and flow. Grayce speaks her mind with a roar of clear intention, but comes to a full stop to hear Tanner's soft spoken ideas speak up and fill the air around her. In the very same ways they speak with and to each other, they're physically charming. They could be running around carefree and fall into each other as puzzle pieces at a moment later. They're really each the best kind of person for each other. This kind of experience is almost entirely why we love elopements with everything we are.

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