An Oregon Camp Wedding | Sonya + Kevin

An Oregon Camp Wedding. Whoa what a weekend this was. I had just come back from a trip to Europe for Kim & Zane's Elopement where after a 2 month drought Barcelona decided to pour on us. I got back, took a day of rest and then bolted down to Oregon where record rainfall would show itself throughout the entirety of the day at this nostalgic inducing campground (This is the day before I jumped back up to Central Washington for Lori + Nick's Elopement in the desert. It was a heck of a week for me and the elements.)

When Sonya & Kevin reached out to me they gave me the important details: They wanted to invite 100 of their closest friends & family to camp, swim and have bonfire lit nights. Then they told me where, and after probably only 3 seconds of googling Camp Namanu I was sold and couldn't freakin wait.